Short Term Certificate Courses (STCC)

Short Term Certificate Courses are being planned for the students to enhance their skills in Electronics and enable them to be a part of developmental activities in this area. Training under this program is conducted by C-DAC Hyderabad

  1. Embedded System Design using ARM Cortex
  2. Electronic Packaging & Industrial Design

1. Embedded System Design using ARM Cortex M3

Course syllabus

  • Introduction to Linux Fundamentals and GNU C tool chain
  • Operating System Concepts for Embedded Systems : OS Fundamentals, System calls and APIs, Process Management, Thread level programming, Inter Process Communication, Memory Management
  • Real Time Operating Systems : RTOS Concepts and Introduction to microCOS II, microCOS kernel internals, Porting of microCOS into Target device
  • Processor based System Design : The ARM Cortex M3 Architecture and programmers' model, Instruction Set Architecture and Assembly Programming, Understanding Exceptions and Interrupt mechanisms, Understanding Tools chains and Development environments of ARM, Providing Reset and Clock on a board, Generating Delays and Timers, Interfacing peripherals and porting

2. Electronic Packaging & Industrial Design

Course Syllabus:

  • Packaging of Electronic Systems : Electronic systems and needs. Physical integration of circuits, packages, boards and full electronic systems, Connectivity in Electronic equipment’s, Study of Electronic components and its packaging. Package classifications(Throughhole and SMDs) and packaging trends. Standards of packaging, Packaging hierarchy of Electronic Products and Systems, Hierarchy of Interconnection Levels
  • Manufacturing and Design of second level (PCB) boards and Fabrication method : Evolutions of Printed Circuit Boards, Classification of Printed Circuit Boards(Single Sided PC Boards, Double Sided PC Boards, Multilayer PC Boards) ,Challenges in Modern PCB Design and Manufacture, Major Market Drivers for PCB Industry , PCB for Electronic Systems. PCB design considerations/ design rules for analog, digital and power applications.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility : Electromagnetic interference in electronic systems and its impact, Analysis of electronic circuit from noise emission point of view (both conducted and radiated emission) cross talk and reflection. Design rules to overcome EMI
  • Thermal design of chips and boards : Thermal management of electronic devices and systems, Overview. Thermal interface material. Heat density in electronic components, Heat transfer through conduction, convection and radiation, Heat sinks, Principle, Construction and materials. Performance, Method of cooling, Heat pipes, Peltier cooling plates. Synthetic jet air cooling, Electrostatic fluid acceleration. Recent developments, Application in Electronics Systems, Personal Computers, Batteries and Soldering
  • Industrial design of Electronic products : Fundamentals of Industrial Design, Industrial Design Process - Investigation of customer needs, Conceptualization, Preliminary refinement, Further refinement and final concept selection, Ergonomics, Aesthetics-Colour, Form, Type, Concurrent Engineering, Physical Design of Packaging – Standards, Materials, Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Course Timings: 4 PM to 8 PM

Course Fee:

The short listed candidate will be charged Rs 6100/- + GST (18%) towards course fee for attending the course.

Reservation and fee waiver for SC/ST candidates is as per the Government of India rules.

Registration procedure and Fee

Eligible candidates are required to register through prescribed application form available online, Applicants can pay the course fee online by through payment gateway

Course Highlights

  • R&D Team handles the courses
  • Curriculum designed in association with experts from premier Academic Institutions and Industry
  • Classroom & lab sessions
  • Extensive demonstrations and laboratory assignments
  • Course material in the form of presentations/ lecture notes
  • Helps students to sustain in the industry

Courses offered at:

Center for Development of Advanced Computing,

Nalanda Building, No. 1 Shivbagh, Satyam Theatre road,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016
Contact : 9100034448, 7680928902