The Electronics and Hardware Industry growth trend and its existing contribution to the global electronics industry indicate that the share of IT Hardware and Electronics Manufacturing Industry has the potential to grow manifolds in India in terms of output and employment. The Government of India has announced number of initiatives in the country to create adequate infrastructure and ecosystem for manufacturing high tech electronic products. In this aspect, there is also a need to ensure availability of trained human resources for this sector in order to sustain growth and to achieve the targets set for this sector.

In this regards MeitY Govt. of India, has initiated a project entitled 'Capacity building in the areas of Electronics Product Design and Production Technology' which is being implemented by , C-DAC Hyderabad to carry out manpower development, promote affordable electronics design, R&D etc.

As part of this project, the centre has initiated a Six (6) months PG Diploma course in Electronic Product Design [DEPD] to generate trained manpower in Electronics and related areas who would contribute towards the growth of the industry. The DEPD course aims to sensitize students about the design of Electronic Products i.e. from concept to product development.