Entrance Exam Syllabus for DEST course

Electronics Fundamentals (Active and Passive devices, BJT, MOSFET, OP-AMP, etc), Circuit Theory (RLC circuits, Network Theorems, Basics of diode and transistor based circuits), Digital Design and processor Fundamentals (combinational and sequential circuits, processor fundamentals), Communication Theory (Analog & Digital communication), C programming Fundamentals.

Course Modules

a) Theory

Sr. No. Course Name
1 Applied Mathematics for Manufacturing and Design
2 Electronics System Fundamentals and Programming
3 Advanced Digital System Design
4 Advanced Embedded Systems Design
5 Industrial Design of Electronics Products
6 Seminar


b) Laboratory

Sr. No. Laboratory Name
1 Advanced Digital System Design Lab
2 Electronics Design Lab
3 Product Design Practice & Prototyping Lab


Project Work

Sr. No. Course Name
1 PCB Design and Manufacturing Technology
2 Project Work