Digital VLSI System Design using Verilog HDL

Pre-requisites: Digital Logic Design
Course Details:

  • FPGA Design flow
  1. Complete design flow from specifications to bit file generation
  2. ISE design flow for development cycle of FPGAs
  • Essentials of FPGA
    1. Designing with spartan 3A and Zed boards
    2. FPGA implementation of various HDL designs
    3. FPGA debugging using Chipscope
  • Designing with Verilog HDL
    1. Verilog modelling styles
    2. Gate Level, Dataflow and behavioral modeling
    3. Continuous and procedural statements
    4. HDL model Verification and Verification concepts
    5. Coding standards
  • Design Implementations
    1. Finite State Machines
    2. Finite State Machines with Datapath
    3. UART controller
    4. Keyboard controller
    5. Simple 8-bit microprocessor